The easier alternative to a Joint Account

Whether you’re looking for a card to share money with a flatmate, carer or teenager, Pockit additional cards is the easy alternative to a joint account. 

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Why get an additional Pockit card?

Your Pockit account costs £1.99/month. The full breakdown of the transactional fees can be found here.

✅ Share bill costs with flatmates and family members

✅ Unlimited free instant transfers from your main account

✅ Send money for elderly relatives, so they can shop safely

✅ Real-time notifications about spending and balance updates

✅ Send pocket money to your teenager

✅ A one-time delivery fee of £0.99

How to get an additional card


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Your Pockit account can have up to three additional cards.
You can choose from shared balance or separate balances
You only pay £0.99.


Share money easily

Use your Pockit card to pay in shops and online, withdraw cash anywhere that accepts Mastercard® and in any currency.

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✓ New to the UK
✓ No credit checks
✓ No minimum balance required

The easier way to share your money

Additional cards provide an easy alternative to a joint account. Whether you’re sharing money with a carer or teenager, Pockit helps you take care of the people you love, while keeping you in control of your finances.

Shop with peace of mind

With Pockit, your money is always at your fingertips and your phone is your local branch — open 24/7.

Check your balance in real-time

Get instant spend notifications

Instantly lock the card if it’s lost or stolen. Get a new one easily.

Find your transactions in a few taps

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are the additional cards?

They are essentially joint prepaid cards. A way for you to share your money, on your terms.

How many additional card can I have?

Your Pockit account can have up to three additional cards. They provide a number of ways to better share your money while staying in control of your expenses.

Pockit additional cards are cost-friendly at a price of £0.99 for each additional card.

When should you use a joint prepaid card?

Here's a few scenarios in which additional cards come in handy:

1. Send pocket money to your teenager
2. Split bills with flatmates
3. Help older family members shop safely during the pandemic
4. Share money with a carer or babysitter

Can I use Pockit’s additional joint cards to send pocket money to my teenager?

One of the most popular uses of our additional cards is as a teen’s prepaid card.

The additional card can also help during the school year or summer holidays. Give your teenager prepaid cards with their weekly or monthly allowance to use for their daily spending, such as the bus, lunch or for outings after school, and you can check and track how they’re spending it. Or if you’d rather opt for convenience, you can just transfer however much you see fit whenever you want!

Can I use Pockit’s additional joint cards to teach my teenager how to budget and spend their money responsibly?

Pockit’s additional joint cards are a brilliant way to not only control how much your teenager spends, but also to teach them how to budget and spend their money responsibly.

Imagine this: your 16-year-old is about to go on a school trip to another country for a week and you need to provide them with spending money. Giving them cash runs the risk of them overspending and running out of money, as well as not being able to give them more if they need it. With additional joint cards you will have an account for kids where you can agree on a daily spending budget and top up the card every day.

This will make sure that they don’t overspend and will force them to learn how to budget their money day-to-day, a lesson that will benefit them for the rest of their lives!

Can I use Pockit’s additional joint cards to split bills with flatmates?

Another popular use of our additional cards is to share bills and other costs with flatmates.

Say you share a house with flatmates and the bills are split evenly. A great way to use an additional card is to allocate one for these bills, and your flatmates can do the same if they also sign up for a Pockit digital account!

You can give the additional card to the flatmate that is making the payment and transfer the money to your additional card when it’s time for the bill to be paid. This makes it easier for the both of you and they can decide whether to use the card to pay one of the bills, if you all pay the bills in turns, or withdraw the money, or even just use the card for their own expenses!

Can I use Pockit’s additional joint cards to share money with family members?

Have a family member you want to treat to a nice outing or dinner for one, but want to be able to control the spending?

Not a problem! Allocate them one of your 3 additional cards and gift them the amount you want them to spend. If it’s a family member you want to send money to regularly, or split costs with, you can give them the card and send them money whenever you need to.

Can I use Pockit’s additional cards to send money to carers or babysitters?

With a babysitter comes expenses. They may need to buy food for the kids, nappies, medicine, takeaway, there’s a dozen expenses that could pop-up.

For a situation like this, traditional joint cards are out of the question. The best way to solve this issue? You guessed it!

Give your babysitter an additional card and transfer money instantaneously whenever they, or your kids, need to buy something. You can control the spending and even pay the babysitter using the card, saving you that gruelling trip to the cash machine on your way home!

The same can be done for a carer. This is a great and simple way to maintain track of their pay and expenses, getting rid of any IOU’s and having to remember to pay each other back.

Keep it simple and easy with Pockit’s additional cards.

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