Charity worker

It’s not often you meet someone like Lisa. She runs a charity network and splits her time between the UK and Uganda. Talking to her was an eye opener. Totally selfless people are few and far between, and when you meet them, it is rather humbling.
Lisa’s charity network, called ‘Tukiriza’, partners with five other organisations to provide direct, in-country aid and support for vulnerable women and girls. For the most part, they have suffered mentally and physically at the hands of Militia, armed forces, and even their own families.
Lisa tells us, “We work closely in the camps with women and girls of all ages. Their stories vary, though as you can imagine, they have been through unimaginable hardship and suffered terribly. Our job is to try and prepare them for life away from the awful exploitation and persecution they have known. We help them learn, move on and get themselves going again. It’s emotionally bewildering, but the reward is huge.”
To help support her charity network Lisa also runs a small, online, bespoke jewellery business, BlingbyLeesielou on The jewellery is beautifully handcrafted by Lisa “I’ve always been the creative type” she explains, “I source stones, charms and beads from all over the world to create bespoke pieces... everything’s handmade.”
“I needed an efficient way to buy from suppliers online and a clear way to monitor payments in and out. Pockit seemed like a good option.”
The jewellery business, Lisa tells us, is where Pockit comes in. “I just wanted a really easy way to manage things,” says Lisa. “It’s not a big business and I certainly didn’t want or need the complications of an overdraft. I needed an efficient way to buy from suppliers online and a clear way to monitor payments in and out. Pockit seemed like a good option. It was easy to set up and really... it offered me everything that a big bank could. It does what it says on the tin – and does it very well.”
What are your hobbies / interests?
Well...making jewellery, singing and glass painting.
If money was no object what would you do all day?
I’d just continue to work with women and girls in Uganda.
What does your perfect day look like?
Spending the day with my daughter just laughing and having fun together.
What’s your favourite memory?
My first trip to the south western part of Uganda with my daughter, we took the bus which in Uganda is putting your life seriously at risk, most things on the trip went completely wrong...but we still had the most amazing time together.
Thank you, Lisa, we’re glad Pockit works for you. And everyone out there, if you want to help Lisa’s cause in Uganda, next time you’re looking for a one-off bargain gift for a loved one, pop to BlingbyLeesielou on Good luck Lisa!

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