Corporate Driver

Craig has his work and home life pretty well balanced. A beautiful narrowboat on tranquil waterways is home. In contrast, work is whisking the CEO of one of Britain’s most successful asset management companies around the nation’s capital.
Petrol heads will like this bit. Craig could be driving his boss to his next high- powered business meeting in an equally highly powered, top spec’, BMW 7 Series, or at a moments notice, he may be swapping leather seats for biker leathers. And not just Craig, when the need for speed is on, both of them jump on the company Honda Pan European motorbike, and swiftly make their way from A to B. “He’s up for a bit of an adrenaline boost all the time” says Craig about his boss, “The buzz of being on the back of the bike, nipping in and out of the traffic appeals to him. Unconventional for a city CEO, but it gets him where he needs to be in a fraction of the time.”
“I didn’t want the hassle of opening another high street bank account, I just needed a simple, safe solution”
And what about Pockit Craig? You’ve been an account holder for a while now. Does it live up to its promise of ‘no-nonsense banking’?
“Yes I like Pockit, I’ve been banking with them for about a year now. I wanted a really easy way to sort out my household budgeting. I didn’t want the hassle of opening another high street bank account, I just needed a simple, safe solution, that enabled me to have a clear view of what I was spending, and that I could open there and then. A mate had told me there were some great alternatives out there nowadays, so I had a scout about and liked the look of Pockit. Seemed ideal - easy to transfer funds in and out of, a card so I could shop online, cash backs at some of the shops I use - got to say it was a no-brainer really.”
He continues “Whenever I’m going for a night out I’ll use my Pockit account too. I just make sure I’ve put in what I need, and because you can only spend what you’ve got in, once that’s gone, that’s it - it’s time to come home. So it’s actually keeping both my money and me in check! (smiles broadly).
What are your hobbies / interests?
Motorbikes, Scuba diving, Sailing and popping over to my little investment property in Morocco. Love it there! That’s where I’ll retire.
If money was no object what would you do all day?
Sail and sail some more! Don’t care where really, I’d just love to be on the sea all day, every day.
What does your perfect day look like?
Just pottering around my boat and slowly making my way from Hampton Court to Windsor. It’s just a brilliant way to get away from it all, see nice places and get a bit of exercise along the way. Those locks can be pretty hard work!
What’s your favourite memory?
That’s got be scuba diving for the very first time. Surreal. And then, definitely swimming with Manta Rays back in Australia. Awesome experience, beautiful creatures.
Thanks, Craig – drive and ride carefully!

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