Blogger and Photographer

Meet Andrei. He’s a professional fashionista and blogger. Spreading the word about the season’s ‘must-haves’, and imparting what ‘wardrobe essentials’ work with which ‘style staple’ is his job.
You meet him and it all fits. The bed-head hair, the ankle grazing chinos, slip on boat shoes and the slim-fit T (because he can). It’s all effortlessly put together to present a young guy that obviously knows what’s what on the dress-code front.
A quick nosey around his apartment and you can spot the garments, hung or stacked neatly, with plastic tags still attached, having just arrived from retailers wanting Andrei to strut his stuff in their latest looks, and impart his words of wardrobe wisdom on social media.
Andrei’s Romanian and has only been in the UK for a year or so. When he arrived, setting up banking arrangements proved more than a little troublesome. He tells us “I’d just arrived and needed to get a bank account straight away. But there was no chance.” All the traditional banking channels insisted he had to have been in the UK for much longer than he had. He didn’t fit their outdated criteria, so he couldn’t get an account. “It was so frustrating” he says, “I just needed to get my finances in order and I couldn’t.” Chatting about it to a pal, he learned that there were now alternatives to the big banking institutions - smaller modern-day companies, not bound by old- school bureaucracy, but offering the same sort of service.
“Pockit came out on top for me because most of the banking that I wanted to do was free with them and to get the account up and running was only 99p.”
So, a few comparison sites later, he found Pockit. “Pockit came out on top for me because most of the banking that I wanted to do was free with them and to get the account up and running was only 99p. My problem just went away. I know people reading this might think ‘oh he’s on their website, so he’s bound to say Pockit’s cool’ but believe me, without Pockit, a year or so ago I was really struggling to get things off the ground. It may sound cheesy but Pockit was a lifeline - so thank you.” No problem Andrei, glad to be of service.
What are your hobbies / interests?
I’m lucky, my job is my hobby. I also love playing guitar.
If money was no object what would you do all day?
Oh definitely travel. I need to see the world. I’d love to witness as many cultures as I can and understand what makes them tick. Guess a few people might say that, but I will find a way!
What does your perfect day look like?
When I was in the States I visited Malibu. Chilling on the beach was heaven. I know it’s famous for all the rich people that live there, and it is pretty cool looking at their houses, but for me, it was just the understated vibe and the beauty. I’ve never seen sunsets like it. It was magical.
What’s your favourite memory?
Living in Vancouver with my Aunt when I was 11 was an amazing time. It was the first time I’d been out of Romania, I’ll never forget it. And just spending time with Mum, Dad and my brother in Romania. Even though I want to see and experience as many places as I can, it’s always good to go home.
Thank you Andrei - sure there’ll be a few Pockit people following your insider fashion tips on Instagram soon!

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